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Higginsville Lanes Youth Programs

Children love to bowl! Register your kid(s) for our Youth Bowling League today! Starting Saturday, September 7th 2024. Call 660-584-2010 for more information.

We are dedicated to providing safe and fun place for children of all ages to come and enjoy bowling. We have a great youth program. Teams will be formed. Tournament amd scholorship opportuites. Award opportunites.

Ages up through 18 USBC Youth Bowling League

  • 3 games of bowling, shoes included
  • Starting at 9:00am
  • Lineage $12.00
  • No bumpers used
  • League duties will be done in house
  • Must purchase a USBC youth membership card for $10.00
  • Awards
  • Tournaments
  • Scholarship


Bowler's Ed for schools

Bowler’s Ed is a partnership between the bowling industry and schools, bringing the lifelong sport of bowling into the classroom to simulate an actual bowling environment.Higginsville Lanes has provided , free of charge, bowling kits to Immanuel Lutheran school and The Montessori School, they will be passed along to Grandview in April. The In-School Bowling Kits conforms to all six NASPE standards for physical education, while offering students of all ages, sizes and abilities the opportunity to have fun and learn a lifelong sport.

Bowling requires individual coordination, timing and concentration yet accommodates a number of participants, making it ideal for the classroom. As their skills improve, the students will experience a sense of accomplishment for having mastered a new game, thus discovering the fun and excitement bowling has to offer. Students can learn sportsmanship, teamwork, math skills by keeping score as well as getting exercise. Each kits contains a 20” bowling carpet, 10 weighted pins, and a rubberized bowling ball, and A bowler’s Ed Teachers curriculum guide.




For further information or to sign up stop by, or call, 660-584-2010

Jody Dickmeier, Certified Youth Instructor 660-584-3920 | Keith Bredehoeft, Certified Youth Instructor 660-238-3826


2111 S. Main Street
Higginsville, MO 64037


Bowling has been a part of Higginsville for many years. The current building became a bowling center in 1957. Some of you may remember young boys being pinsetters and keeping score with paper and pencil. Throughout the years and with a handful of different owners, bowling has remained an icon on Main Street Higginsville for over 50 years!